Our Sunshine Coast, BC Community Organizations

All for Pets is a proud supporter of the following Organizations. We ask that you find a way to support them as well.
Thank you from all of the pet people at All for Pets!

All for Pets Pet Community

Happy Cat Haven

Happy Cat Haven is a volunteer group of tireless, committed people looking after homeless, injured and very sick kitties and other needy animals. Happy Cat Haven started in 1993 and has grown over the years into an organization that the whole community admires due to their devotion and hard work on behalf of cats and animals that otherwise would have been put down.

- Northwest Canadian Greyhound League and our Greyhound Meet & Greet -

All for Pets has sponsored the Greyhound Meet & Greet since 2005 in partnership with the Northwest Canadian Greyhound League (NCGL). Please visit their web site at Northwest Canadian Greyhound League.

The Greyhound Meet & Greet is a wonderful way to get to know these fast and very friendly dogs, and this is an excellent opportunity to get more information on former racing Greyhound Adoption for the Sunshine Coast, BC.

The NCGL Representatives for the Sunshine Coast, BC are Len & Judy Schollen. They are a great resource for greyhound adoptions and you can reach them at (604) 885-7140. For more information on joining the NCGL please contact their President, Maureen Nelms, at (250) 652-1610 in Victoria.

The team at All for Pets is also proud to be the sponsor of 3 former racing Greyhound dogs! We supply them with nutritious dog food, doggie treats & our pet store discounts while these noble animals are waiting for adoption into a loving home.

Greyhound Dog RescueThe 1st Foster dog we sponsored was LPH Goldigger (her Greyhound racing name). She was adopted by the Blackmore family of Gibsons, BC when her racing career was over at the young age of 4 years old and given a family name of Annie.
Annie is a very happy dog now!

There are new greyhounds every year looking for a loving home to call their own.


Greyhound Dog RescueOur 2nd Foster dog was Slatex Streamer (his Greyhound racing name).

He was done with racing at only 3 years old. He is also a lucky dog to have been adopted by Shannon Anderson of Squamish, BC and his new name is Streamer.


Greyhound Dog RescueOur 3rd Foster dog was Uprising (her Greyhound racing name).

She is a two year old female and was just adopted by Barb Bomac of Kamloops, BC!

Her happy new family name is Risa.


greyhound-stella-smMeet Step, racing name Patsy C Step On It, adopted by Margareth of Roberts Creek where her name will be changed to Stella.

Stella was only 3 years old when her racing career ended She loves people and is a real tail wagger. She's right at home with Margareth's cat as a housemate.


greyhound-breezer-smBreezer is a black & white greyhound, racing name Elliot. he has been adopted by Krystina in Gibsons.

Another success story and happy dog!

Anyone can come see the Greyhounds run at Chaster Farms horse arena in Gibsons every Wednesday from 2 to 3PM.

The NCGL will be sending another greyhound dog to the Sunshine Coast, BC at the end of June or July.
The Schollen's will be their foster family until someone can provide a good place for this dog to call home.
Could that be you???

You can also find out more information at our sponsored NCGL Tent at the yearly Car Show – please stop by for free All for Pets dog food treats & biodegradable clean-up bags!

- BC SPCA Sunshine Coast BC Branch -

As a branch of the BC SPCA, the Sunshine Coast BC Branch employees investigate complaints of cruelty to animals such as physical or psychological abuse and neglect, along with enforcing the provisions of the Criminal Code, Provincial Cruelty to Animals Act and gathering evidence for prosecution. The branch also provides shelter, food and medical attention for homeless and unwanted animals and compassionate boarding of pets for those in transition homes.

Other services provided are: emergency medical care for injured stray animals, rescuing animals in distress, reuniting lost pets with their owners and finding new homes for abandoned or surrendered animals. First and foremost the branch provides shelter and care for the animals in its warrant area but when space permits also helps animals from branches from the Province with higher pet overpopulation and lower adoption rates which leads to overcrowded facilities. Please visit their web site at BC SPCA Sunshine Coast BC Branch.

Here is the BC SPCA Helpful Phone List:

Sunshine Coast SPCA 604-740-0301(SPCA)
Injured wildlife: 604-886-4989 (Gibsons Wildlife Rehab. Centre)
Can help all wildlife; birds, bats, squirrels, fawns, seals, raccoons, etc.
Injured wildlife: 604-885-4697 (Creature Comfort, Cindy Rudolph)
Specializes in rehabilitating raccoons, but helps with all wildlife
Wildlife Call Centre 1-877-952-7277
Conservation 1-800-663-9453
Bear Aware Coordinator 604-741-7185 - Gibsons
Stray dogs in District of Sechelt 604-885-1986 - District of Sechelt
Stray dogs in SCRD 604-885-2261 - SCRD
Stray dogs in Gibsons 604-886-2274 - Town of Gibsons

- Sunshine Coast BC Equestrian Club -

The wonderful people at the Sunshine Coast, BC Equestrian Club serve all equestrian and equine interests. Their mission is:

To organize and serve all equestrian and equine interests by providing a local coordinating body.
To guard the well being of horses.
To encourage communication and co-operation amongst fellow equestrians.
To foster and encourage the interests of horse owners.
To foster and encourage interesting equestrian activities.
To encourage and create educational programs for the horse owner and the community.

Please visit their web site at Sunshine Coast Equestrian Club.

- Sunshine Coast, BC Salmon Enhancement Society -

Another excellent group of people: the Sunshine Coast, BC Salmon Enhancement Society. Please visit their web site at Sunshine Coast, BC Salmon Enhancement Society.

- We also proudly support the following Sunshine Coast BC organizations -


Sechelt Rotary International
Sechelt Downtown Business Assoc.
Sechelt & District Chamber of Commerce
Breast Cancer Awareness
High School Year Book
Sechelt Band Youth Soccer
Central Hardball Assoc- Sunshine Coast, BC Youth Baseball
Army Cadets
Women’s Hockey

We are happy to be involved with and support these wonderful people and pet organizations here on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Thank you for taking the time to read about and to support these great Sunshine Coast, BC Organizations.

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