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The following Links are from the excellent organizations and top quality companies we support.

- Sunshine Coast BC Non-Profit Pet Organizations -

 Northwest Canadian Greyhound League - Greyhound Meet & Greet and Greyhound dog adoption.

BC SPCA - Provides shelter, food and medical attention for animals on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

Sunshine Coast BC Equestrian Club - Serving all Sunshine Coast, BC equestrian and equine interests.

Sunshine Coast Salmon Enhancement Society- Our Sunshine Coast, BC salmon champions.

- Quality Pet Food -

Evo Pet Food - Evo has all the nutrition of raw pet food, with no grain, high protein and low carbs.

California Natural Pet Food - California Natural is a great hypo-allergenic pet food.

Go! Natural Pet Food - Healthy cuts of fresh 'human grade' chicken, wild salmon and other meat sources pet food.

Summit Pet Food - Summit pet food is a cost effective, healthy way to feed our pets with no chemicals.

FirstMate Pet Food - FirstMate pet food is made with the best possible meats to help your pet live a long and healthy life.

Nutro Natural Choice Pet Food - Nutro pet food has been a leader in natural, super premium dog and cat food.

Wellness Pet Food - Wellness pet food combines the best of Science and Nature for the purest whole pet food.

Orijen Pet Food - Orijen pet food includes the fresh, whole foods from nature that dogs and cats like to eat.

Greenies - Your dog and cat will LOVE them! Greenies are a must have pet food treat!

Sun Country Farms – No waste, no filler, just great pet bird food. Sun Country uses only the seeds that birds will eat.

- Pet Accessories -

Leba III Dental Spray - The easy, natural way to keep your pets teeth free of tarter and plaque.

Anipet - Quality Animal Supplies and Accessories.

Hagen for Pets - For aquatic, birds, cats, dogs, ponds, reptiles and small animals.

Feline Fantasies - Excellent Cat scratching posts, cat climbing trees and cat scratchers.

Precision Pet Products - Really great Pet Beds, Pet Crates, Houses and Pens.

Petmate Furrarri Kennels - Petmate Furrarri Kennels have the best value and design.

Laguna for Fish - Laguna Fish Food and Pond Supplies. Excellent pond fish food and equipment.

Pet University - An excellent resource on the care and feeding of your pets.

All Glass Aquarium Inc - From the beginner to the advanced aquarists, they have it all!

Animal Wellness Magazine - An excellent resource on pet food and pet health and well being.

The Dog Food Project - A great article on Label Information 101 for pet food.

Ingredients to Avoid - This article is a must read for every dog and cat owner for proper pet food purchasing.

- Our Friends and Business Associates -

Sechelt Rotary International - Our own local Rotary group for Sechelt doing good works for all.

Sechelt & District Chamber of Commerce - Our own local Sechelt Chamber of Commerce.

Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce - Our friends in the Gibsons local Chamber of Commerce.

Pender Harbour & Egmont Chamber of Commerce - Our friends in the Pender Harbour & Egmont Chamber of Commerce.

Great Bear Web Design - Great Web Design, Graphic Design & Search Engine Optimization for the All for Pets web site!


We are glad to share information on these wonderful organizations and companies.
Thank you for your interest from all of the pet people at All for Pets!

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